Monday, August 4, 2014

Seas the Day

I'm feeling wonderful this morning, truly lighter.  This weekend Chris and I headed to Cannon Beach to find the perfect spot for spreading my Dad's ashes when my sister comes up next month.  I was also looking forward to seeing Peetee run on the beach, he has been through so much these last few months.
We stayed at a lovely place 2 blocks from the ocean and just south of Haystack Rock called the Inn at Cannon Beach.  They take dogs and the rooms don't smell like they do :)

  This was our view.
Across the street at Sea Level they served up our coffee just like we like here it in Portland:)
Each morning we walked a few miles on the beach.  Peetee did great!
My boys.
Peetee made this :)
The sky was striking the first morning.
This is Haystack Rock.

It was low tide so we got to check out all the tide-pools.

 Peetee loved all the smells.

Then we did a quick walk through the town of Cannon Beach.
 It's quaint but a  bit too touristy for my taste.
 Back to the woods we go.  This is Ecola Park and this is where I found the sweet spot.
 Hitting the trail.

 Ain't Chris sexy!
 Up up we go!
 Here, this is where I'll set my Dad free.
 Just below is Indian Beach.

 Peetee had to wear a new harness and he hated it, but he looks pretty dapper in it if you ask me:)

 I brought my Surfer girl Kiss Me Kitty leggings along.

 Deep in thought.
It seems easier to think when walking on the beach.
 Why is that?  Maybe it's the soothing sound of the waves that calms the mind, or the fresh air that clears the head, but I do my best thinking here.
 Coffee helps too.
 These are what the rocks look like up close.  That lava is about 10 million years old!
 Peetee is not that old.
 He walked about 6 miles with us.
It was a wonderful getaway, one that we all needed very much.  As soon as I got home I picked up my pen and paper and wrote my dad's eulogy.  It just came out, finally.  I only cried once at the top of that mountain looking out onto that big blue ocean as I thought to myself about endings.


Ivy Black said...

What a wonderful post and what a stunning place to set your dad free...I love that thought.
That is one beautiful place to stay.
Yup, he's damn sexy and so are you!

Vix said...

What a beautiful beach, I can't imagine anywhere more gorgeous to scatter your Dad's ashes and to set him free.
So glad you and Chris got some time out together and that Peetee had fun. Love that photo of you both together. Peetee's harness is missing a bit of bling, that's his problem!
That hotel looks amazing and the woods are almost magical.
Only you can make a cardi look cool!
love you! xxxxxxxxx

mondoagogo said...

What a pretty spot for your dad, such a nice view. Big trees, big waters, big skies, no one could ask for better!

I love rock pools, they're full of weird life (a bit like all the bloggers I like, haha!). I can't stop staring at that photo of the beach all empty and misty, so soothing.

pastcaring said...

Krista, what a lovely post. Yes, it's good to get away, and to see the sea - I agree, there is something really therapeutic about being by the ocean. The beaches and the huge skies are breathtaking, the perfect place for letting go and feeling free. For you, and your dad.
Love the pics of Chris and Peetee - funny, I'm less used to seeing your boys together, but the photo of Peetee on Chris' lap is just adorable. So glad he's doing better after a rough old time of it.
As always, you are colourful, passionate, thoughtful, loving, and wonderful. Doing your dad proud, darling! xxxx

Natalia Lialina said...

Ecola Park was our family's favorite spot when we went to Oregon coast for vacation last Summer. What a wonderful place you've chosen, Krista! So happy to hear that you feel lighter. Maybe you will move to the beach some day. :) Well, I know I want to - three years living on the beach were the most unique, very peaceful and beautiful.

Your boys are cute and handsome, you are a very good looking family! but you! You are magic! So much light and love of life! I adore your outfits - playful, summery, even with a cardi on! Vix is right about you and cardis. :)

Much love and tasty Portland coffee, and fresh ocean breeze xxxxx

thorne garnet said...

hmm, think I've been to that place before, a long time ago. It's very beautiful.

Nat said...

What an absolutely beautiful beach - and the spot you have chosen to set your dad free is just breath taking!
So pleased that you had a wonderful weekend with your handsome hubby and gorgeous Peetee :-)

Helga said...

How very beautiful! I'm so pleased you are feeling lighter, darling, and that it was a peaceful and lovely time with your two favourite fellas.
Yeah, bling up that harness! Peetee is simply confused by the dull black!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

What a gorgeous slice of paradise missy poo!

Beth Waltz said...

You feel lighter, dear Krista, because you've carried a very heavy burden to the exact place where you are intended to lay it down. I'm sure your sister will be deeply touched by this landscape's eternal elements of earth, sky and water -- the symbolism of the trail leading upward is particularly affecting.

Please kiss Peetee on the nose for me. Ah, those smells!

Jean at said...

Gawd i love that place. I've been there and miss it. It is magical and I'm so very glad you were there. It's a place to meditate, heal, and be surrounded by beauty.

The three of you look marvelous together. :-)

Love you!!

Bobbi said...

What a beautiful place!
Peetee is looking good but I agree with the others, his harness needs a bit of your artistry.
You and your honey are gorgeous together.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,
Glad that you have found THE most beautiful place to say I LOVE YOU to your dad.
You look happy and healthy and its a delight to see Peetee looking well.
Love from the UK
Keep SmilingXX

Forest City Fashionista said...

Oh Krista, what a lovely post! I haven't made my annual trip to the beach yet this year, so these photos were a treat. I know what you mean about being able to think more clearly there - I think it is the sound of the water and the fresh air that does it. Yay for Peetee doing the six miles in his new harness (he does look very spiffy). The location you've chosen for your Dad's ashes is just perfect.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Krista!

What a wonderful post and what a wonderful place to spread your Dad's ashes - So happy to see your little dog doing well -
I had to put one of my cat down recently, very sad and painful -

I'm glad to had a chance to go away, very much needed sometimes
I love the beach as well, I always feel so peaceful when I go to the beach -



Kari S said...

Yay for getting out this weekend! We went camping too and then hit the coast a tiny bit. I've been to Cannon beach and you're right it's super cute but a little touristy but the one we went too, whew was A LOT touristy (and I have no idea where that was). I love Oregon it's so stunning and I love the people who live here. I gotta get some Kiss Me tights for the winter. If I got to wear the damn things *all* winter long they might as well be super cute and support a local awesome lady. Besides it is damn time I met you two. I swear to God I never have women friends because I suck big time. But I think I'd really like you two!:)

Carina Rosenholm said...

Such a beatiful place and a perfect place t set someone free .,.
All of you looks happy .

Melanie said...

There's nothing like a seaside getaway to clear the head. This is a spectacular spot to release your dad. I'm so glad you found it.
Peetee is a gifted sculptor. HA!
And I really love the photo of you under the tree and the one of Chris and Peetee looking serious and gazing seaward.
I'm glad you all fell into a soothing rhythm on your trip.

Trees said...

It looks like this beach getaway was what your little family needed even if it did have a serious purpose. I agree Peetee does look rather dapper in his harness, even if he also looks kind on unimpressed! That's for answering my question about your tattoos - I was just kind of curious and your have some an amazing sleeve!

Anne said...

Wow your photos on this spot are just lovely and makes me long for my own beach getaway which thankfully is coming up on Monday! Three days in Oceanside! Can't wait. I like the photo of your Chris with Peetee in the foreground because at first glance Peetee looks GINORMOUS. It's cute. I super love the photo of you in braids in the lavender dress with your pretty pink cardigan and the big ole coffee. xoxo

topchelseagirl said...

You're so right, being by the sea has such a calming influence. Those rocks are amazing and the spot you chose is so beautiful, truly.