Monday, August 11, 2014

The heart will break, but the broken live on!

I'm still a bit exhausted from such a wonderful weekend.  Cristi and I worked the Alberta Street fair, which was a huge success, but we also did something else that was pretty special.  Last Friday we took out my Dad's closest friends to celebrate his life at our old breakfast spot.  It was real nice.
I wore one of my brightest dresses.
 Cristi wore a beautiful dress she made herself.
But before we hit the road we played around with this.
I think we might have woke the neighbors  since this was at like 9am.
I really do not know how Weird Al does it, I found this to be the most awkward instrument ever!  Now we were both in the perfect mood for our brunch.

Here is a picture of my dad last time we ate at The Crescent Cafe, it was the last meal we shared, and the last one he ate.
Here is the gang remembering him last Friday. Since we had no memorial this really felt like one.
 I really do love these folks.
Then on Saturday we had the street fair which started with these:)
  How cute does the booth look!
 We love getting visitors and this is our new friend Naiya that we met at the last fair.
 She hung out for a while and we shared the best fish and chips from Halibuts!

 The head cat needs to eat too.
 Another friend stopped by, Primavera and I adored what she was wearing, all thrifted of course.
 The shorts were my favorite part.
 I met a mermaid family.
 and I bought some art too

It was a wonderful day of meeting new people under the sun.  
 Next month we'll be at Belmont!
 Spreading the love!


Vix said...

That photo of you with the accordion might be one of my most favourites ever! Cristi's dress is a beaut!
How lovely to take the gang out to your Dad's favourite place and poignant but lovely to have a photo of him enjoying his dinner, there. You must be so special to those old folks.
So glad the fair went well, the pitch looks awesome as do you and the cool clientèle. Love the mermaids and Naiya's hair.The weather looks about a million times better than ours did !!
Love you! xxxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

looks like you guys had a lovely time! Can somebody please explain accordion to me.

I'm pretending I didn't see the donuts

freckleface said...

You look like a crazy bohemian gypsy lady playing that accordion, fantastic! What a great idea for a memorial, and Cristi is probably the best friend anyone could ever have. She's there every step of the way! I love her handmade dress and cat headdress. So many creative people in your town! Xxxx

pastcaring said...

What a lovely tribute to your dad, and to the friends who loved him. Friends - they are such an important gift in life, aren't they? And Cristi is one fabulous friend, I am so pleased that you found each other.
Look at you, crazy colourful chick playing the accordion! Did it sound good? Mmm, possibly not... But the photos are brilliant!
The market looks fun, and as always the KMK booth is a riot of colour and print and joy! I think that you two girls have a load of fun together, and you have some pretty cool friends and customers too.
"Fear makes the wolf look bigger." I like that - it's a motto to live by! xxxx

Helga said...

Ha, a squeeze box!! G loathes them in the most hilarious way! You look frigging brilliant with it, though, and could possibly convince him of it's miraculous powers!
Love the bright frock, and how lovely a memorial. Was there a setting for your Dad?
I haven't been to a fair in I don't know HOW long! What a hoot! And new friends-how can you go wrong?!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

What a wonderful post Krista ... breakfast buddies, rockin' an accordian, mermaid families, beautiful wall art, stylish friends. I wanna give you an enormous hug. xoxoxxo

Ariane Lasalle said...

i love the dress you wore and most of all i love the pics with the accordeon!
Nobody plays the accordeon anymore! I saw a young girl in the subway playing the accordeon in the subway station - I was so surprised, she played it well
Love that post Krista with all the breakfast gang, mermaids and all

Lots of hugs to you my dear


Beth Waltz said...

What a strengthening, heartening manner of celebrating your dad! You've honored not only his memory but the precious friendship he shared with these good people. Very well done, indeed!

How odd to see an accordian! And can't remember the last time I met a family of mermaids, either.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think your Dad would have thought that was a great way to celebrate his memory, and he would have loved seeing you rock out on the squeezebox!

That street fair looks like such fun, with all kinds of cool people (Betty Lou would have swooned over the mermaid family). The Red Riding Hood art is wonderful - I would definitely hang that in my place!

Hippy At Heart said...

Really love that post, Krista. Read about your loss on Vicky's blog and I think you found a fab way to honor him - with color, light and love!


Hippy At Heart said...

Really love that post, Krista. Read about your loss on Vicky's blog and I think you found a fab way to honor him - with color, light and love!


Kari S said...

Ohh when do you go to Belmont??? I helped a friend move all week or I would have come last weekend. I was about to get all sad and crap but Belmont, woohooo!! I gotta get at least one pair, right. You seriously are adorable in all those pictures, per usual. But more so in these, I can't put my finger on it. Hmmmmm

Ivy Black said...

How lovely, your dad was looking down with a smile seeing you all there.
You look like you are a natural in the accordion. I've heard that they are a proper bitch to play!
Gotta say, you live in the most fabulous place and the market looks wonderful. So do you.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

A couple years ago I bought a very similar accordion from a thrift shop with every intention to learning how to play it for the Irish band I was in. I gave up after a few months. That darn instrument was invented by the devil!

Trees said...

What a wonderful idea - to met up with your Dad's friends in his favourite breakfast spot. I love the frock you are wearing and Cristi's dress is lovely. She is a master sewist! That whole market is just incredible. I love all the mermaids and the street art xoxox

Rosalind said...

Such a great way to really celebrate your dad's life - with the 2 most important things: friends and sharing of food (while wearing a damn fabulous dress).

Anne said...

That is the best memorial I can think of. Celebrating with friends. You know your Dad is so happy with that! How wonderful. Can you actually play the accordion? I have a friend that does. It looks so hard. And heavy! But I guess you have the muscles! Way to go, Krista. You are super lovely.