Wednesday, August 6, 2014

There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

This week is jam packed with all sorts of adult responsibilities, don't ya just hate that?  To keep me from getting all too serious about crap that really doesn't matter I turn to my hands and make stuff.
This necklace I made from two separate pieces and it was so easy, which proves it doesn't take much effort to make something cool and unique.  Inspired by Vix and her love of pom pom's I added these to a boring white shade.
A bit of glue and check it out!
I have also made another, well you know one of these things:)  I figured you might be amused if I explained what was in my head when I made it.  Life is a carnival.  Chris and I are the unicorns.  I am on chaise lounge with Peetee and Chris has Ash and Zoe by his side.  The two kids that hang in the corner are the two kids we'll never have.  I did want to have kids ya know.   I love how weird it is!
I also found this vintage fabric that I plan on making curtains for the laundry room out of.

I'm a December baby so I had to grab this.
This is an outfit from last week.  The dress is a light cotton and perfect for the summer heat.
Peetee stealing your heart.
and me getting some air:)
Don't you kinda love these sleeves?
Here I am this morning at 7 before I start work.
 My commute is across the hall but I don't work in my pj's.
 Although this dress is as comfortable as sleepwear.
I have picked up the most killer pair of sexy sandals and look at the color!
 They are comfy too, a must in my foot ware.
This Saturday Cristi and I will be at the Alberta Street Fair selling her pretty things.  Come visit us if you are local!  Enjoy the rest of the week my pretties:)


Ivy Black said...

A post crammed with fabulousness! I know what you mean about turning to making when life gets a bit too serious and grown up! I love the necklace to bits and the pompom trimming works a treat.
Love your carnival box too..brilliant it is.
You are gorgeous and frocktastic...yes, I do love those sleeves.

Melanie said...

Your creations are not only gorgeous but I can't think of a better way to shake off the residue of Stuff. Great transitions. The diorama is particularly cool.
Then your flowered dress with the garden is a breath of sunshine. Twirl air-conditioning is the best. I hope you have a wild success with Cristi at the street fair.

freckleface said...

I DO love the sleeves. And the sexy heels and the pompoms and Peetee! But the thing that has me most entranced is your flowerbed! Oh how wonderful it looks and so fresh. You must keep it very well watered. Xxxx

thorne garnet said...

where to start?

The box of life is way cool. As is the maxi dress and those sandals.

Never stay in your pj's, you'll not get anything done. Shower, put on something pretty, do your hair and make up. pj's are day off wear. Oh,man,that didn't sound to strict did it?

Lally said...

Oh I love your pom pom creation and the box is beautiful!

The dress is mind bogglingly fab, I love the print and with the shoes it's elevated to new levels of fabulousness! XX

Helga said...

Yeah, baby, that green gingham number gives me the HORN! Fecking love it. Good twirlyness!
I am always axcited about your creations; that necklace is divoon, and who doesn't love a pom pom TASTIC lampshade?! Your boxes (not sure what to call them?) are enchanting! You are an artist, lovely lassie!

Tammy McGill said...

Ahh, you know I would be at the fair of I could. I have to work the same hours you'll be there 😟 The unicorn shadow box is cool. I would have loved to meet your kids. Who wouldn't want a cool mom like you?

Beth Waltz said...

Those elegant shoes are the perfect end note to that luscious floral frock, but the Hat! Ah, Krista, Queen of Color, the hat is the dead-on-cue topper for the ensemble. Where DID you get that hat?!

Yes, I, too, think of Vix whenever I see pom poms...and shoes like those platforms in which I could easily manage a dreadful accident to my ankles.

Vix said...

Another pair of killer sandals - how do you do it? Loving how gorgeous you're looking in that green gingham and if I didn't compliment you on that fabulous floral number than it's only 'cos I was excited to chat.
The pom pom lampshade is gorgeous, pom poms rock!!!
The Carnival box is amazingly mad and I can't wait to see that incredible fabric turned into curtains.
Have a brilliant day at the Alberta Fair on Saturday, wish I could be there to get drunk with you!!
Love you! xxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

That floral dress and thoose killer sandals are abolutely fab ! A perfect look for a comute across the hall ore across an ocean !

Forest City Fashionista said...

Everything about this post, from the Leonard Cohen Lyric title to your funky platform sandals, is just tooooo awesome for words. This has been a terrible week for me, and your diorama, gingham dress, and Peetee's adorable-ness made the day a bit brighter.

pastcaring said...

Ooh, all sorts of things to love here! Pom poms, beads, sandals, frocks, Peetee, and another of your box-y thingy creations (I never know what to call them - help me!)
The fabric you found is fabulous, and I don't know which I love more, the flirty green gingham dress with the perky sleeves, or the beautiful floral dress. I adore them both!
Have a good time with Cristi on Saturday - sell sell sell, and laugh chat laugh! (And give Cristi a hug from me please!) xxxx

pastcaring said...

Oh, and I wanted to add that your addition to your box of the two babies made me smile but feel sad too. I know there are plenty of people who never wanted kids, and a life without being a parent is of as much value and as happy as anyone's who is. And I know you and Chris are fine, and that you've made peace with not having kids. But I wanted to say that I do realise it was hard for you. You would have been a brilliant mum, and I do get a sad little shiver to think of those not-to-be babies... You know? Hope it's OK to say so. xxxx

peaches mcginty said...

Feeling all grown up and responsible is all the reason you need to make pretty pompom lampshades and beautiful necklaces, balance is required and necessary! - your twirly gorgeous gingham frock is a delight, yes I do love those sleeves! your floral frock is also a beauty and those hot shoes are sexy as fuck! love 'em x x x

Trees said...

I love to see your crafty makes lady! Also that second dress is beautiful and I love those shoes. I think if I was working at home I'd still get dressed up each day - otherwise where is the fun in life right?

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

You're so creative!! I have a plain boring lampshade in the living room and even after seeing Vix pom pom revamps, it never dawned on me that I should give it a try too! Thanks for the extra inspo! AND you're looking ridiculously super duper cute in all that green!! WEEE!!!

Ariane Lasalle said...

You have such an imagination for things, i was reading what you wrote about the box you made, so funny, i love your thinking process!
The green dress is fabulous, that color suits you so well and yes i love the sleeves too!

Yes life can feel too serious at times, right? nice to escape it once in a while...

Hugs lovely Krista