Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You can't fake chemistry

I have been trying to stay off the computer after work these days, there is just way too much ugly in the news.  Journalists getting decapitated by ISIS and people rioting in Missouri under the threat of the national guard, why is there so much anger and injustice in our world?  It's enough to make me want to start my very own new world, one in which we all respect our rights to be different.

Enough of all that, I am still waiting for my Dad's house to close hopefully by Friday.  My sister arrives tomorrow and we begin our send off to Dad.  Of course Cristi is going with us and it will be the first time they meet and I am so excited about that.
 A quick outfit post from last week.

 A peek at one of Cristi's cats and her neighbors chicken.
 Her gorgeous dress from the back.
 and front.
 We thought this was all kinds of hilarious.

Such a cute MG!
 I learned how to do this to my hair.
 And I realized that at 43 I can still show my tummy.
 Just a little
 I found both of these on clearance at Marshall's for less than $5 each.
I like new clothes at used prices:)

I also wanted to say what a TURD I find bloglovin to be!  I'm sure you all know this but the fact that you cannot click on other users who leave comments and go to their blog is RIDICULOUS!  I also find that half the time I can't leave comments on it, if I go straight to your blog I have no problems but through bloglovin its all kinds of CRAP!  I am in the process of begging Chris to write a new program that doesn't suck so we can all use it.  PLUS.....I am kinda sick of seeing who BLOGLOVIN is telling me is popular, they are blogs that would never interest me and they all look the SAME!

I blog as a way to share my life with others and hear about theirs in return.  It's a place to exchange ideas and inspire each other.  I want to make real connections here. One more thing, what is the best way to add your email address to your blog, it seems there is no way to directly email anyone anymore unless you already have their email address.  Sorry to sound so scattered but hey it happens!

Enjoy the rest of the week darlings!


thorne garnet said...

love the ethnic Marshall's outfit. It's odd what you can find at unlikely stores.

Bloglovin? I just dont use it. For me it's something else to figure out

The news is making me really depressed. So much hate and sadness.

Vix said...

Good god, you should totally show your belly off, its too damned fine not to! Love that crazy, ethnically inspired outfit and I'm dying over your choker and sandals. The fishtail plait is magnificent.
Cristi's dress is a beauty and what splendid bushes, ladies!
Cat and chicken picture is too cute, ours would be trying to eat it.
Yes, it is a vile world at times. All that horrific news about James Foley and I turn Facebook on to read about people bleating on about having a cold or being bored, tossers!!!
I'll come and live on your planet, please.
Have a fab weekend. Miss you already!
Love you! xxxxx

Curtise said...

I know, I know. There is some real shit going on out there. A new world it is then - I'm up for it!
I don't use Bloglovin' - I signed up when everyone got all twitchy about Google Friends Connect going, but it still seems to work just fine. The whole "most popular blogs" schtick makes me laugh; you're so right, they're identikit blogs with zero personality.
In terms of Blogger and emails, I think you just edit your profile to include your email, then people can find it when they click on your name and get your profile page. Or just add it to your sidebar, I guess. I'm always disappointed when people are no-reply bloggers, especially if they've asked a question or I'd like to get back to them about something.

Now. YOU! Gorgeous, flat-bellied, sassy shorts-wearing you! You look fab, belly out or belly in! Love that plait you did on your hair, and seeing you and darling Cristi together always makes me smile.
That photo of Ash lurking behind Peetee is so funny - he looks as though he just knows she's going to do something evil any minute now...
Having your sister to stay, meet Cristi, and see your Dad off will be a good thing.
Long comment - I have lots to say! Love you! xxxx

mondoagogo said...

Eh, I use Bloglovin' just to be notified of updates, but you can TURN THE FRAME OFF which means instead of being trapped within Bloglovin, the links just open on the actual blog instead.

Your fishtail plait is ace.

mondoagogo said...

(sorry, too tired for a more coherent comment :)

Anonymous said...

Those are some damn fine shorts. Love all the patterns and details.
Is that hairstyle called a herringbone? Someone taught me that years ago to do on my daughter's hair but I don't remember much back then.
Good luck on the home selling! You've been through a lot this year. ;)

Kari S said...

AHHH THOSE CALF MUSCLES!!! You had to have known I'd notice! :D I swear you are genetically built for muscle, four months in crossfit or weight training and you'd be a beast!

Are you not seeing our email on the side bars? I have mine up there and I remember you saying something about not being able to email me directly and I was thinking hmmmmm.

You should allwaayysss show off your stomach, for ones like me who can't because of really super bad stretch marks (really bad man). So you gotta seriously you just have to.

Beth Waltz said...

I suspect our bad news overload results in part from questionable editorial decisions being made to grab an audience and ratings for advertisers. Perhaps this accounts for the blogs popularity contest?

Me, I'm still struggling with Google+! Which is where those who seek me shall find me.

My cats and the chicken would stage a fur and feather fest...

Love that tassel necklace with the pretty dress you're wearing in the restaurant!

Forest City Fashionista said...

If you find a way to start your own new world, sign me up!! I think the photo of you doing your karate kick in that fabulously funky top and shorts, and the awesome platforms should be on the flag.

Yes, it does seem to be bad news everywhere you turn these days with people doing terrible things to other people, and I feel like I can't do anything by watch, helpless, on the sidelines.

Hope all goes smoothly today with the house transition. I'm sure your sister and Cristi will get along fine, and the three of you will give your Dad the beautiful send-off he deserves.

freckleface said...

With a figure like that, you have a duty to show it off! Flat tummy alert. Love you in the shorts and little top outfit, especially when you come over all kick-ass! I would also like more of a peek at that gorgeous lilac floral dress with the lacing around the bosom area. That is going to be really sweet, you, your sister and Cristi. I hope they love each other. C looks a peach in that dress and i love her hair! The whole business with James Foley is just so awful, so young, so much to live for, it breaks your heart. I need to find out what all this Missouri stuff is about, I'm a bit behind. Xxxxxx

Thick Threads said...

Love the outfits! you look so lovely in all your colorful gallore! :)


Anne said...

Your fishtail braid is beautiful! As usual, you and Cristi look absolutely divine. Hope you have lots of peace and good memories with your dad's house closing. I just love your blog and it really helps me on down days. You are such a light. Thanks for being. xo

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh god the cat and the chicken ... sounds like a love story. My laptop nearly flew off my lap at the sight of your INCREDIBLE choker necklace. I've been after one of those babies for fricken-ever! Plus the layered tops are genius darlin'! xoxoxoxo

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I don't think I've ever seen you in shorts. You're rockin' the heck outta them! And 43 with a tummy peek. SEXY!! I used to hunt for new blogs to check out on Bloglovin' and I agree with you - I swear it's the same blog over and over. Is everyone a 20 year old model with a professional photographer for a boyfriend?!?!

Jean at said...

Yup, everything you just said, from the news to bloglovin. So continue to spread love as best you can, brighten someone's day the way you always do, continue to learn something new, and always dress up if you can. :-) Love the textiles and patterns you've got going on here, and I love the headband!! You and your friend are beautiful, and that gray cat lounging with Peetey is a stunner!!!!

Love you Sweetie. Somedays I take that necklace out of my drawer and just hold it for a minute, soaking up all that positive energy. XXOO

Lally said...

Oh woah beautiful outfits! Especially love the second, that choker is amazing, I'm dreaming of one now! I totally have all the same frustrations with bloglovin, especially their constant tirade of, as you say, 'popular' blogs. SO ANNOYING and dull!! The same beige outfits and sad expressions! Anyway on a brighter note glad you discovered fishtail braids, they were a revelation for me too, I love them! XXX

Trees said...

I've been feeling a bit glum about the world of late too - ISIS, Gaza, the Ukraine.....what is even going on! It can make you feel helpless - but it also makes me feel super thankful for all I have! I love that frock in your first outfit - it looks wonderful and your braid is amazing!! I always wanted to braid my hair when I was a kid, it always turned out as a disaster. Also I couldn't agree with you more about blogging - for me its to connect with people all over the world and look into what their lives are like. Pretty much all the people I follow are people I want to be friends with and I would hang out with if we were in the same town :)