Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Friends make the bad times good and the good times unforgettable!

Sometimes you just need a lil getaway.  This weekend Chris and I headed to Seattle with Cristi and Gene.  It was a turn and burn trip filled with food, drinks, thrifting and tons of belly laughs.  Seattle seems a bit more on the serious side than my favored Portland but for the most part I found the people to be pretty darn pleasant.
 We took the train which I had never done before.
 I was very excited.
 Me and my babe.
 Cristi and hers:)
 Come on I had to take this picture, while all the other passengers think *dork*
 The train took about 4 hours and it flew by.  Our first night there we walked through the gum alley to my favorite bar, the Zig Zag Cafe.

 This place serves up some of the best drinks my lips have ever sipped, not to mention killer food.
 After a bit of time here we searched for food.

 We ended up at El Borracho and had some super tasty tacos.

 Chris getting some hot sauce advice from a local :)
The next day we started early
 and had breakfast at the over hyped Lola's, but the donuts were good.
 Soaked up the sun.
 Drooled at these beautiful pepper wreaths.
 and the crab!
 and mushrooms?

 Then Cristi and I split from the boys because I wanted to check out the original Red Light Clothing on University Ave.
 We downloaded our Uber app, found a ride and were on our way!
 The place did not disappoint.

I will share my scores another time, but just know that we were in here about 2 hours.  We popped into another vintage shop I wanted to share with Cristi called Pretty Parlor.  I won't get into what happened in that shop but the owner was not in and when I asked the gal working if she was the owners Mom because she was like 60 and super cute and I know they work together she went off on me like a crazy old lady.  I have never been treated so poorly in my entire life.  I apologized and she still continued on.  This is not an isolated incident after I posted what a bitch that gal was on YELP I noticed several reviews stating similar experiences.  How can a place like that stay in business?

NEXT.....was The Pine Box it used to be a mortuary built in 1920 now it's a bar!
 Bruce Lee had his funeral here too.

 Next thing you know we were headed home, with our bags a little heavier.
We had a blast!
Thanks for the love Seattle!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are!

Hi everybody!  It looks like summer is finally saying goodbye and I already miss her.  This weekend was the perfect mix of chores and fun.  I went to an estate sale and found these beautiful pillows.  They were each $5.

I noticed them in the photos they send out a few days before the sale, I was sure someone else would have grabbed them but I got there right when they opened.
 I also found a killer toy chest for $10.
 I put a lot of linens in there.
I also had to have this handmade patchwork doll, $2.
 I have been redoing my office a little.  I got rid of the stained zebra rug and added this beauty!
I also hung some new photos.
I found my largest Russian scarf for all of $5 at another estate sale.
This will keep me warm this winter.

I enjoyed the company of these two darlings!
 Fiona was pretty excited to be rocking her very own pair of Kiss Me Kitty mermaid leggings.
 They were perfect for this game!
 I love this kid!
 They had glow in the dark pirate mini golf.

 And I discovered my hair glows under a black light, good to know right!

 We did some thrifting :)
 I about died when I saw this.  One they took out the vintage label and sewed in their own and two this is not our Vintage Vixen, and there is only one of her.  IMPOSTURE!
These are my neighbors and they have been married over 50 years. On Saturday they took me to a furniture consignment shop.

 We had fun:)
Chris and I enjoyed lunch out in the country.

We live right by an urban growth boundary and this is pretty much what is looks like around our house.
And finally I am trying to make something new each week.  This was what I made last night.
Start with a pint of fresh tomatoes cut in half, a teaspoon minced garlic, a 1/2 cup of chopped basil, a medium onion and 2 teaspoons of olive oil and a pinch of dried oregano and a lil salt and pepper. Mix.
 Cover the bottom of the baking dish with tomatoes.  Place chicken on top and cook at 450 for 15 minutes and then flip and cook for another 15.
 Then pull out cover with mozzarella cheese and put under the broiler until it looks like this!
 Chris loved it and so did I!
What will I do next week?  Got any quick and easy recipes you wanna share?  Em, my blackberry vodka is all made and hanging out in the corner until December, thanks!