Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Friends make the bad times good and the good times unforgettable!

Sometimes you just need a lil getaway.  This weekend Chris and I headed to Seattle with Cristi and Gene.  It was a turn and burn trip filled with food, drinks, thrifting and tons of belly laughs.  Seattle seems a bit more on the serious side than my favored Portland but for the most part I found the people to be pretty darn pleasant.
 We took the train which I had never done before.
 I was very excited.
 Me and my babe.
 Cristi and hers:)
 Come on I had to take this picture, while all the other passengers think *dork*
 The train took about 4 hours and it flew by.  Our first night there we walked through the gum alley to my favorite bar, the Zig Zag Cafe.

 This place serves up some of the best drinks my lips have ever sipped, not to mention killer food.
 After a bit of time here we searched for food.

 We ended up at El Borracho and had some super tasty tacos.

 Chris getting some hot sauce advice from a local :)
The next day we started early
 and had breakfast at the over hyped Lola's, but the donuts were good.
 Soaked up the sun.
 Drooled at these beautiful pepper wreaths.
 and the crab!
 and mushrooms?

 Then Cristi and I split from the boys because I wanted to check out the original Red Light Clothing on University Ave.
 We downloaded our Uber app, found a ride and were on our way!
 The place did not disappoint.

I will share my scores another time, but just know that we were in here about 2 hours.  We popped into another vintage shop I wanted to share with Cristi called Pretty Parlor.  I won't get into what happened in that shop but the owner was not in and when I asked the gal working if she was the owners Mom because she was like 60 and super cute and I know they work together she went off on me like a crazy old lady.  I have never been treated so poorly in my entire life.  I apologized and she still continued on.  This is not an isolated incident after I posted what a bitch that gal was on YELP I noticed several reviews stating similar experiences.  How can a place like that stay in business?

NEXT.....was The Pine Box it used to be a mortuary built in 1920 now it's a bar!
 Bruce Lee had his funeral here too.

 Next thing you know we were headed home, with our bags a little heavier.
We had a blast!
Thanks for the love Seattle!


Vix said...

Yay! I've been dying to read this! You girls must have turned everyone in Seattle's heads rocking those KMK leggings! Leopard print and crushed velvet? Hell yes!!
I bet the four of you never stopped the whole time you were on that train, how I'd have loved to be in the same compartment.
Love that local advising Chris on his choice of sauces!
The mortuary bar and that chair with the built in hair-dryer have me wanting to book a flight to Seattle right now but WTF with the rude sales assistant? They don't deserve to be in business.
Show us what you got!
Love you! xxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

and the tacos.......

Maybe the sales lady was having a bad life ( I'm giving her the benefit) When I encounter nasty clerks, I leave. The people who walk into the store are paying your wages.

I want to live someplace cool!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Aside from the bitchy woman in Pretty Parlour, it looks like such a fun trip! MMmmmmmmmm, tacos...the Pine Box looks cool, and I could easily spend two hours in The Red Light Clothing Company. You and Cristi are so cute together - love the photos of you standing by the mirror and the one with you sticking out your tongue.

Helga said...

Next time we are over I totally want to go to Seattle! El Borracho has convinced me that it will be more than worth my while! Not to mention The Pine Box! That rocks the socks off the old Goth in me!
I spy a splendid red frilly frock at Red Light, up on the wall. Vintage heaven! I am also eyeign up a lovely basket on the left, in the boys at the train station pic near the end!
Looks like a winner of a weekend!

freckleface said...

Yep, sometimes you do just need a lil trip away, and going on the train makes it a real adventure. It's sweet to see you and Chris together looking all cute and happy. Never mind *dork*, that is one of my favourite ever photos of you. You look fun and fantastic all at the same time. Seattle looks like a blast and oh my goodness, that vintage store. I've got my eye on the same frock as Helga, that flamenco frilly one. Bagsy it!! Mind you, she'd look swell in it. Lord almighty, that store assistant sounds like a loony. Nothing pretty about that behaviour. Food glorious food, hmmmmm (imagine the noise Homer Simpson makes..) xxxxxxxxxx

Natalia Lialina said...

I am so happy for you that you had a good time! I love road trips and little getaways. The photo of you waving from the train is my favorite! The leo print dress and Cristi's white jacket are awesome! I've never heard of any of the places that you've mentioned. I think you can find pretty much anything in Seattle. :) It's a bummer that we did not meet, but I understand - it would be a very different experience then. It's great to have friends with whom you have such a close connection as yours with Cristi! People make all the difference. :) xxxx

Meghan Edge said...

OMG that looks like the most fun trip ever! You guys look beautiful, and you look like you had a blast.

Your leggings just make me so happy. ALL of the leggings.

Beth Waltz said...

A dork you are not! That photo of you should be framed and titled "JOY!"

Wonderful tights! Wonderful pepper wreaths, too. Pity you couldn't fit them into one of the larger bags.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh wow - it seems like a great trip and how happy you all look !
food and drinks with a lots of laughs are the best !
Hugs !

mondoagogo said...

Seattle looks fun, but you seem to make everywhere look fun :)

Bobbi said...

Your leopard dress and Christi's white peplum jacket are so super cute!
Looks like you all had a great trip.
Legging envy...I has it!

Curtise said...

Weekends away are the BEST! So happy to know that you and the gang had a great time in Seattle, it always looks like a cool city with a lot to offer.
Travelling by train is great (most of the time) and I love the pic of you hanging off it looking all excited!
I always like to see you and Cristi having fun together, but it's good to see the lads getting in on the action too. Red Light Clothing looks like my kind of place, but what the hell was the woman's problem in the other shop? If she's rude to customers, she soon won't have any left...
Love those last pics of all the bags, and you and Cristi rocking the KMKs!
And love you too! xxxxxx

Nerd Burger said...

Seattle looks like such a fun place. Great food and great places to shop. I love the last pick of your kmk leggings together. Friendship is so great.

Melanie said...

You guys were not only the coolest people on the train, but the coolest in the city as well with all that incredible positive energy thrumming around you - sparks alive. Yeaah!
Road trips, I mean rail trips, are the best. We have shops with nasty people too - but I keep going back for more, it's hard not to when they have great stuff. Thanks for this upbeat post!!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

What a fun time!

I love that dorkey photo. It's the best : )

I wish I had done some research when I was last in Seattle to check out that shop. Not the one with the crazy lady though. Too bad about that experience.

My (x) friend often used to get mistaken for my Mom. I think it was too much for her. After being BFF for the past 23 years she has now cut off all communication with me and pushed me out of her life. You never know what is going to "set someone off."


Miss Magpie said...

I went to Seattle back in 1989 on my epic backpacking trip round the U.S. We had the best time.

Ariane Lasalle said...

I can't get over that gum wall!
What a fun weekend you had all, yes we do need those once in a while!
Ah! those nasty people in shops sometimes! We had our share of nasty people in France and hubby i kid you not was a pro at telling them how nasty they were!
You look adorable you 2 girls!
When will you be on Instagram...


PinkCheetahVintage said...

This trip looks ahhhhhhmazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Every single bit of it! I can't wait to see the post on what you scored!

Ivy Black said...

FABULOUS! What a wonderful trip. I'd have loved to have taken that train ride too...I love trains...what a laugh. Seattle fecking rocks and so do you lot.xxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

FABULOUS! What a wonderful trip. I'd have loved to have taken that train ride too...I love trains...what a laugh. Seattle fecking rocks and so do you lot.xxxxxx

Kari S said...

We've been meaning to do the train to Seattle! It looks like so much fun and um can I go have a talk with bitch face? Because i'd like too.

Trees said...

I LOVE this post! Fun train rides, delicious food, thrift shopping fun? SIGN ME UP!!