Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer burns my blues away

Oh beautiful summer thank you so much for lingering a little longer.  This week in Portland is promising more heat and clear blue skies. Its strange for this native born California girl to get distracted by sunshine but I do, it just makes me want to play.
 I finally had a chance to wear this vintage Hawaiian dress bought at Vintage by the Pound for all of $5.  It's a nice thick cotton and as you can see fits just right.  Cristi is wearing a sweet 50's dress!
With so many recent scores at the thrift shops Chris and I packed up 7 bags of clothes to donate.
Look I have wings :)
Here is a quick glimpse of a quilted lounging dress I found.
 and another cotton Kimono.
All the Halloween stock is out at thrift stores and that means plenty of choice stuff for me:)  I also found these needlepoint creations to add to our entryway.
 I added a bit of color to the old frames.
 I also scored this insane jumper after drooling over Shelley's!
I found this patchwork cookie jar!
Peetee has been enjoying himself, both inside
 and outside.
My sister sent me this photo, it's most of our Dad's animal collection, she made a beautiful colorful tribute to him at her house.  I really love it, especially because I know this is the most colorful spot in her home:)
I managed to get my primer coat down this weekend and today I will apply the nice bright white paint so I can get onto the fun part, painting flowers and hearts on it!
Last night we had pizza
I ate 3 pieces plus had a nice tall cold one and finished it off with two scoops of ice cream, after that I came home crawled into bed and fell into a food induced slumber of epic proportions.


mondoagogo said...

ooOOOoooh all those pretty flower patterns are gorgeous! So are the ones in your garden! But now I reeeeeaaally want pizza.

mondoagogo said...

oooh FIRST!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That Hawaiian frock was made for you.

I knew you had wings hiding ; )


Curtise said...

Mmm, pizza and a beer, sounds perfect! Talking of which, how perfect is that Hawaiian frock? Just gorgeous, as is Cristi's 50s dress. And the jumpsuit is fabulous - wear it and show us! You've been finding some clothes with fantastic colours and prints, and the needlework pictures are adorable.
Good to see Peetee looking more like his old self (so cute!) and your sister's display of your dad's colourful animals is lovely.
Make the most of that sunshine, love - ours seems to have disappeared.... xxxx

Natalia Lialina said...

You both look so beautiful in your frocks!! Your finds are very fun, I especially loved the mushrooms. I need to donate some of our stuff too! :) Love the colorful corner your sister created - it's a brilliant collection, I am so glad that it stayed in the family!

Love and sunshine to you, Girl With Wings! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Color me green, green with envy at that sumptuous quilted lounging gown!

It's good to see Peetee looking so perky. Clearly, this little man is well on the road to a full recovery.

Ah, the garden seat! Will it display seasonal panels? Florals? Weirdlings only you can identify? We're all looking forward to a new photo-op-spot for you!

Carina Rosenholm said...

You girls looks amazing and i really love all your new stuff !
Great to s Peetee looking more happy !
all your colour makes one feel happy ...
hugs !

Vix said...

Yay! I got to see all your new finds, Peetee plus that incredible dress up close and personal and can confirm that they are even more kick ass in the flesh.
Beer and pizza and 90 degree sunshine? Hell, yes!! Why was I born so far away? S'not fair!!
Have yourself an amazing weekend and lets see you modelling that marvellous jumpsuit soon!
Love you! xxxxxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I am soooooo green with envy over your thrifted treasures! We have to pay big bucks here for stuff like that Hawaiian dress. Thanks for sending me some love for my jumpsuit; I can't wait to you wearing one you bought.

It is wicked hot here today (hottest day of the season so far) but is cooling off on the weekend. Peetee is looking much more like his old adorable self!

Jean at said...

I went to a buy/sell/trade place yesterday and was horrendously disappointed. Unlike before, most of the stuff was multiples of cheap crap. HOWVER, the Halloween stuff had great vintage pieces!! I laughed when you said something about're so right!
A few years ago I got a gorgeous handwoven poncho in the costume section for like $5.

I love your new finds!!! I can't wait to see more of the kimono. I'm loving mine this summer. I've used Sheila (of Ephemera)'s trick of ruching the sides with clip on drapery rings. Just tie two together, and voila!

I also love your needlework finds. The picture of your dad's collection was very poignant.

Sending much, much love!! XXOO

tracy stijacic said...

You do have wings, your an angel! I love you my sister!!!!
Love the dress you look amazing as you always do! Can't wait to see how the gazebo thingy turns out!!! XO

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love the friendship bird embroidered picture and THAT BENCH!!!!! I want one like that for my yard! Loveeeeee!

Loulou said...

Hi Krista :) How good it is to make your online acquaintance. It's a pleasure to be exposed to your colourful world. Any friend of Vix's is a friend of mine!

I love your thrifted finds ... the Hawaiian dress you're modeling is excellent.

And Peetee is very cute <3

freckleface said...

Peeeeeteeeee! That boy is so cute. I love those big doleful eyes. Especially when he's got a slipper trophy in his mouth. Good Lord, the charity gods are on your side. That Hawaiian frock is gorgeous, but my goodness, that jumpsuit is out of his world. Can't wait to see that on. It's always great to see you and Christi out having fun together and I love that she has got coloured hair too now. That's really nice that your sis has got a tribute to your dad in her home. We've had sunshine today, it was heavenly. Now I want some more! Xxxxxxx

Helga said...

Yeah, baby, you sure do have wings, cos you are an ANGEL!
Love LOVE that Hawaiian frock, and your darling pink cane bag makes me moist!
Pizza!! I could really go a nice pizza right NOW.
What FUN you are going to have with that gazebo thingy!!! I can't wait to see it finished!

peaches mcginty said...

I'm blissed out! you are such a wonderful burst of necessary sunshine! all of the frocks (of course including Cristi's) are gorgeous, your pink rattan handbag is delectable, and I am so happy to see Peetee up and about! your gazebo is going to be totally freaking awesome, I look forward to the unveiling! x x x

Trees said...

I LOVE your dress - its amazing and Cristi's is super cute too, I always feel super happy when I see you two hanging out together. I love seeing your wee Peetee so happy. Also thanks for buying so much lovely needlework/embroidery - I always feel sad when I see it at thrift shops knowing how much hard work goes into creating it! :D