Monday, September 15, 2014

We live the life we love, we love the life we live!

 This weekend Cristi and I brought Kiss Me Kitty to the Belmont Street Fair, it was another day in the sunshine meeting Portland's weirdest!  I love this city more than words can describe!  We embrace what's on the fringe, and are curious about our differences.  I don't think I could ever live anywhere else again.  I feel like my tribe is in PDX.
Again I hardly took any pictures because we were so busy and the lighting just isn't the best in a pink tent.
 These guys called themselves unicorn boys and then were so very sweet.
This was a customers dog and I feel in love with him, shh don't tell Peetee.

 I didn't even get a picture of Cristi and I together, UGH! I did however manage to buy this skirt from a seller I adore, its made of vintage fabric.
 and this Frida
I also wanted to invite all of you local Portland peeps to come check out an estate sale that I briefly mentioned would be happening soon.    TONS of old stuff, furniture and linens, some as old as 200 years.  This family was one of the first homesteaders here in Oregon so there is a lot of history packed into the house.  The sale is September 19-21 from 10-3 and the address is 4825 SW Maple Ave. in Beaverton.  I got this there and just dyed it pink.
  I also got these linens.
 The pillow cases I found at the Goodwill and they make me very happy.
So does this chenille bedspread I found years ago for about $50.  

 I'll finish things off with a pretty dress because what gal doesn't like that.

I think I better get to work now :)  Have a lovely week ladies!


Vix said...

Love that photo of you tossing your hair and how gorgeous you look in your orange dress. Wait until you see the latest frock I've got in stock - freaky Art Nouveau coincidence!!
So glad you had a great day - we failed miserably on the photo front, too - yours put mine to shame. Love the Unicorn Boys.
Wish I could go to that estate sale and even though I say I don't like patterned bedding yours is awesome.
Love you! xxxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Portland sound so awesome. I have friends that have been and love it and some other friends who want to move there. Your new vintage skirt is so cute and I'm obsessed with chenille bedspreads. I am on the lookout for one!

mondoagogo said...

One of my best friends was in Portland this weekend and I wiiiiiished I could have been there too, but it's too far from London. I'd have definitely stopped by your stall to say hi, though.

Love the Mucha dress and those kicks are HELLA AWESOME

Curtise said...

It's good to love the place you live, and Portland always looks so fabulous, I'm not surprised you feel completely at home there.
Another great market with darling Cristi, being visited by Unicorn Boys and cute pups! You can't always take photos, sometime you just have to enjoy the moment. Love the Mucha-inspired print on your new skirt, the gorgeous floral bedding, and your hot orange frock - colour and print, that's what we like! Amazing shawl and jewellery too. Have a great week, darling! xxxx

thorne garnet said...

three cheers for weirdos and misfits! Unicorn Boys are cute and I won't tell Peetee. Now to catch up on reading the past 3 weeks of blogs posts.

Beth Waltz said...

That is the most elaborate chenille bedspread I've ever seen! So many colors! (Daresay it weighs 4 tons when wet...)

The floral headpiece tops your hair and that gorgeous orange dress beautifully: a certain female Mexican artist would have delighted in wearing it.

Natalia Lialina said...

Portland is AWESOME! It's great to feel soooo infinitely happy where you live. I absolutely love Seattle and the whole PNW, and if I had to choose only one place to live, it would be it - here on the shore of Puget Sound. But fortunately, I don't have to decide right now! Because I can easily picture myself happy in a dozen of other exiting places. :)

You look fantastic! You are ART! The new skirt is gorgeous, the orange dress is fab and fits your slender body so well! And I loved the peak of your room, very soft and beautiful. Great job decorating your universe!

I am sure Peetee knows how much you love him and won't be too sad about this cute doggy, but I won't tell anyway. :) Hugses! xxxx

Ivy Black said...

FABULOUS DARLING! I think I've already told you, but a friend of ours who visits the US a lot absolutey raves about Portland and insits that I visit if ever I get the cahnce. Actually, when I did that daft buzzfeed quiz-which US city should you live in, I got Portland! I can feel the buzz just from yur pics. No wonder you love it. Hurrah for the misfits and the colourful. You are wonderful.
Big love,

Carina Rosenholm said...

So much fab stuff ! Love the gorgeous photos of you , shining so bright you pink star !
hugs !

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Unicorn boys? Ok, I gotta hurry up and get to Portland. Looks like I'm missing out on all the fun!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Look at you with your hair flying, all radiant in orange!! Oooh, I wish I could go to that Estate sale; there's probably some fabulous stuff. I can't wait to be able to experience Portland for myself sometime soon. Can't let The Unicorn Boys have all the fun...

Nerd Burger said...

Looks like your guys had a wonderful time. You all looked so fantastic and I loved the unicorn boys. So much fun.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Looking your radiant self!
I'm failing as well on the photo front, outfits I mean, but waiting to choose the wedding pics with D -
Portland is lovely, wish I could go one day, only heard good things about your city
I love my city as much as you do yours-


Trees said...

Portland is SO on my "to visit" list - it looks so amazing. You room looks incredible - man I wish I could go to that estate sale. Also you ROCK orange lady xoxo

freckleface said...

Portland OREGON (!) always sounds amazing and it certainly seems to fit your free spirit open-minded approach to life. It was never on my radar until I found you, but each time I see it, it seems more visit worthy. Glad you were too busy to take photos, that's a good sign. Oh yes, we all love a pretty dress! ThAt estate sale is going to be amazing. Love the pink tablecloth/dress? you got there and your hair is fabulous! Those beaded earrings are pretty cool too. Have a lovely weekend! Xxxxxx

mama lauren said...
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