Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm always a kid around my folks, until I'm not

I don't know where the time has gone since we returned from Seattle but life sure is busy at the moment.  My folks are up from San Diego spending some time with Chris and I.  This week we had the blood moon and my Step Dad Jim and I got up at 3 am to check it out.
 It was spectacular, both the eclipse part and the orange color of the moon after.
 The best part was that it was just he and I and that killer blood moon.
 The next morning the sky looked like this.
My folks love the beaches in Oregon and are staying a few days in Cannon Beach so I drove out to the coast to hang with them.
Gorgeous happy couple.
I love these two!
 The local candy shop was busy making Halloween treats.
 I tried to take this home for Cristi.

I love the drive out to the coast in my car.  I had the tunes blaring and the sunroof open the whole time.
 The mist gave the beach an erie beautiful stillness.  It was strange in a way being here with them since the last time I was here was when we spread my Dad's ashes. Life just keeps on doesn't it.
 You gotta find the humor in every situation
 and appreciate the time spent with people you love
 and dress up because it makes you feel better.
 I enjoy spending time with them so very much.
 Tell me this doesn't look like a cartoon bunny skull.

 I still have a few more days with them. One night we are going out to a fancy ass dinner and the other I'll cook.  Sometimes it's the simple things that bring me the most pleasure.


pao said...

There seems to be a surprising amount of bright pink in your family's choice of attire. Even the moon and the sky got into the groove. Blessings, blessings, we all fall down. I don't know why I wrote that line, it just felt right...

thorne garnet said...

looks like you had a wonderful time.I love your Mom's white hair.

two squirrels said...

Just gorgeous seeing beautiful you depending time with the peeps you love. Sending much happiness and love your way. v

Kathi said...

I hope you're loving every minute with them! Tell them "hi" from me and give them my love!

Beth Waltz said...

What a blessing to share an event as spectacular as the Blood Moon with people as special -- and colorful! -- as your folks! They radiate contentment and childlike joy in being at the beach.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Happy times !
x xx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Mmm misty foggy beach. I wanna know what that smells like. I bet it's awesome.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

What brilliant photos. I especially love the one of the cartoon bunny skull and your Dad in the mist.


Curtise said...

You are quite right. Getting on with life, in the company of the people you love, doing simply pleasurable things, finding beauty and humour and colour as often as you can - that's the best way to live. Good for you!
So good to see you spending time with your mum and Jim. The blood moon and the phenomenal sky are so beautiful, and those misty photos are wonderful. Great photos, the textures and details are fantastic. As are you, darling! xxx

Helga said...

The Halloween cat is fantastic! I'm sure you need a few of these in your front yard!
So lovely to spend time with family; I'll be spending a little time with my broken family soon.
Your back deck is perfect for blood moon gazing! Looks like you got some great shots. I was fast asleep, I can't stay up for no moon!
You are a treat for eyes tried of bland, my lovely!
Much love! XXXXXXXX

Forest City Fashionista said...

When I see photos like these of people enjoying meaningful time with family members, I wish I had family to do things like this with. I see that the love of hot pink runs in the family!

Your house would be the most visited in the neighbourhood if you had that gigantic kitty in your front yard.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Yes, yes it looks like a cartoon bunny skull!
Nice to spend time with love ones, nothing beats that!


Natalia Lialina said...

What a fun happy post! Your folks are lovely! And you look incredibly adorable in this outfit! Have a wonderful time, dear! xxx

Vix said...

Yep, spending quality time with the people you care about, its life affirming and what its all about, isn't it?
Your folks are gorgeous, look at their radiant smiles and all the pink accents.
Love your outfit and the candy factory and why didn't you steal that cat for Cristi?
Love you! xxxxxx

freckleface said...

It's lovely to hear about families who get on and enjoy spending time with one another. It speaks volumes. Your mum and Jim look very happy together, that's so nice. I love the sound of the drive out to the beach, happy happy! Yes, laughter, good food, looking at the moon, wearing funky clothes, they all contribute to that fabulous smile! Can't believe you left kitty behind!! Xxxxxxx

Citizen Rosebud said...

Hello Kristi- looks like your love of happy colors runs in the family! Nice to see how much you love your fams- good peeps make peeps better. The blood moon seemed awesome- I missed it in person, but man I felt like I could feel it. Hope you're well. xo. -B

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I just love all your gorgeous posts <3

Kari S said...

Sigh, you just make me happy. Knowing you're in the world with your beautiful outlook on life and deep love for family. Have you seen the documentary Advanced Style? Which has absolutely nothing to do with this post. My best friend and I since way WAY back in the day kept/keep each other accountable by making sure we don't slip into this, "didn't care anymore," style. You know the one, we reach a certain age and decide, meh who cares. Well these women got it goin on and while obviously we are not advanced style material (me and you or him for that matter). I do think of you when it comes to that. Someone who has kept a fresh outlook, still has fun.....Well shit why you started this blog! You are STILL doing it! That's an inspiration! Anyway good documentary! Dang this is random! :D

Trees said...

That DOES look like a skull bunny!! It's so great you get to spend some fun times with your folks and I love seeing candy being made!