Monday, October 20, 2014

She doesn't design clothes, she designs dreams!

I think October might just be my favorite month, it's the beginning of what I lovingly refer to as the fuck off months.  The thrift shops are filled with all sorts of vintage delights that most around here will only dare wear on Halloween, but not me, that's everyday wear I say!  Check out these recent finds!  This bag was all of $4.
Crazy handmade top $3
 on the back.
 Sweet lil poncho $1!
 Adorable old print.
I also have to share what is probably the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.  I am not a girl that is into designer fashion BUT there is ONE designer who has captured my heart, her name is Susanne Bisovsky!  I adore her so very much that I emailed her to let her know, well she replied back, can you believe it?  That was about 6 months ago and she just had a show in Vienna and I emailed her to tell her how beautiful her stuff looked and she blew me away by asking for my address to send me a few things!  Can you believe that?!?!?!?!?

 Two pairs of gorgeous thigh highs, a scarf and a rose pin.  I about died!  Not only is she an amazing designer she has a heart embroidered out of gold.  
 I am putting together something very special to send her.
I hope one day I can visit her salon in Vienna and try on some of her beautiful clothes.  In other news I have been busy with all sorts of fun stuff.  Here are some pictures of what I've been up too.  I said good bye to my folks after what I can say was our best visit yet!
 Our fancy dinner out at the VQ.  Duck prosciutto, it was weird.
 Yummy salad with hazel nuts and goat cheese.
 My salmon crusted in black sesame.
 Chris's mighty fried chicken and biscuit, I should have got that!
I went to the Pumpkin patch with my niece and nephew!

 Jack called me his crazy Auntie and my heart melted.
 What's so crazy?

 I checked out the Davis Graveyard and it was pretty cool!  It's a family home and they put up 80 tombstones in their front yard, all those are made of foam!

 Went to the Apple Festival with Cristi!

Got a little tipsy this weekend.
Rocked my Kiss Me Kitty Day of the Dead leggings!

I got a hair cut.  I am working on getting a whole new color but first my pink has to fade.  Is that even possible?
Here is the inspiration for my new colors, what do you think?
 I made a delicious simple apple crumble last night!

Oh and  I saw The Book of Life yesterday and it was probably the most beautiful animated film I have ever seen in my life!  The story was meh but the visual aspect was mind blowing!  Ok sorry to throw so much at you, I hope you are all enjoying October so far!


PinkCheetahVintage said...

I can't even understand her website, but those thigh highs are amazing!!!!! You deserve all this goodness <3

Connie said...

The fuck off months. That's really funny. More like the fuck with your head months! I can certainly see why you love Susanne Bisovsky. Just beautiful. So very Krista. And that Holly Hobby. If tattoos were a thing when I was younger I would have certainly gotten a Holly Hobby tatt.

Vix said...

If that's how Susanne Bisovsky rewards her fans then she deserves all the success in the world! Having seen those thigh highs in the (almost) flesh I know they're feckin' fabulous. I can't wait to see the outfit!
Amazing thrift shop scores. Poncho, beaded bag, patched denim - get in!
Love the dinner photos and your parents' happy faces. I'll have the goat's cheese.
What else? Ace hair, cute nephew, massive pumpkins, great leggings and the coolest auntie in the world!
Love you! xxxxxxx

pao said...

What a wonderful story about your fav designer. The stockings look so cool. I'll have to check her clothes out. And you recent finds. Very nice. Especially like that beaded bag. And your folks, you all look so relaxed and content at dinner - even if the food is kinda scarey looking. What a happy post. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Curtise said...

How generous and kind is Susanne Bisovsky? That's amazing, such lovely gifts.
Ooh, that beaded bag and the poncho, wonderful finds. Can't wait to see what you are planning for your hair, the inspiration photo is beautiful.
So good to see you having a great time with your mum and Jim, your niece and nephew, and Cristi too, of course. Mmm, the food looks delicious, in the restaurant, and your apple crumble.
We might be heading for the fuck off months, but you sound full of energy and good spirits, Krista! xxxx

mondoagogo said...

You without pink hair is hard to imagine! But with or without it you strike me as a pretty fun aunt to have :)

That haunted house is pretty cool, one of the things I miss about being in the States is fun goofy stuff like that at the holidays.

btw my friend just interviewed Junko Mizuno this weekend -- I didn't see it because it was up in the Lake District, but there's an exhibition of her work this week in London that I am hoping to visit.... If I go I'll try to take pictures!

freckleface said...

Oh my, what an amazing lady to take that time and trouble. She makes beautiful beautiful things and I love your description of her heart. Maybe karma does exist after all. Yep, you'd make a great aunt with or without bright pink hair. Apple crumble is always good, the only question is ice cream or custard. Lovely to hear you had a great visit with your folks. That restaurant food looks VERY fancy! Hahahaha! Funny that your everyday is other people's halloween! :) xxxxxxx

Louise McDonagh said...

I love that beaded bag, so vibrant. Looks like you've been having super fun times x

Helga said...

O, feck, this time of year people often hit me up for fancy dress stuff-pisses me off, this is my everyday clothing, not frigging fancy dress. Bloody RUDE.
It's great though, that there's lots of awesome goodies to be found in the thriftshops! Bloody love that bag!
I love a lot about this post; food porn always makes me happy, as you have excellent taste! I love your hair inspiration, it will be MAGNIFICENT!
How very kind and lovely of that designer to send you such treats! What a great way to win hearts!!!
Rock the hell ON in those amazing Kiss Me Kitty leggings!

thorne garnet said...

Those apples! 99cents a pound?

It's still way to hot here for fall. Will I ever wear a sweater again?

I've seen Susanne Bisovsky's designs on-line,she's fab.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

How sweet of that designer!

I want to see that movie. Bit of a drag the story isn't great though. The illustrations are right up my alley and look like they could have been pulled straight from your closet.

I'm excited for your new do.

Looks like you're having lots of fun in the Fall : )

I LOVE that Holly Hobby Doll print.


Willowie said...

You look like you have so much fun in everything you do. Its seriously inspiring!!!! Lovin' the new hair ideas and I hope I can track down the Kissmekitty booth someday soon and enjoy those beauties! Hugs and loves!

cherre henderson said...

Hi Krista, you are so much fun, I wish you were my neighbor! Good to know about Book of Life as I want to take my son to see it. I was reading about the Davis Graveyard and I would love to see it. It looks amazing. Great photos of a lot! :-)

Penny-Rose said...

Fabulous thrift store finds and I love love love the pumpkins and your nephew carrying the giant one!

Carina Rosenholm said...

What a great gift ! So beatiful. Looks like a lots of fun with all the pumpkins and stuff . Halloween aint that "big" here in Sweden but getting bigger for every year that goes by .
All Swedes goes to Ikea ... they just dont tell ... Ikea is like a holy place that we are a bit ashamed of . And we love their cafe . Lol !

Sarah Jane said...

What an amazing post of loveliness! Suzanne Bisovsky is so taleted and generous. I couldn't really see much on her website but from what I did see I can understand why you love her designs. Can't wait to see you wearing the stuff. The Holly Hobby print and beaded bag are gorgeous and the graveyard is the best. You are a lucky girl xxx

Sue said...

No wonder you love the clothes of that designer, I whipped over to the link you put up, and WOW!! How very cool of her to send you some things, cannot wait to see you modelling them. Your apple crumble looks divine.

Ivy Black said...

How wonderful! How lovely of Suzanne to send you such beautiful things. I love that Americans do October and Halloween with such enthusiasm. We are a bit pissy about it in this's like something people have to endure and tick off before Christmas!!
Lovely leggings and yes to the hair colour inspiration.
Loads of love.

Forest City Fashionista said...

ACK! Too much good stuff! I love thrift shopping right now too because of the "Halloween Costume Ideas" racks. Found some gorgeous 1980's high-waisted leather trousers in all sorts of yummy colours priced at under $10 but they were all too small :( The handmade shirt is very cute.

What a nice woman to send you those gifts - that's the kind of response that will earn her more fans.

Who knew there were so many different kinds of apples? I love a good apple crumble.

You? Crazy? Noooooo! Crazy like a fox maybe ;)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Man! So much win beyond win!!! I'm loving everything in this post and lucky you getting that awesome package in!! And I loooove me some duck. I grew up in the country so duck wasn't a luxury food. It was a staple! HA! I've totally got to get out to Portland to do some shopping!

Natalia Lialina said...

I adore your finds - so very you and for such fantastic prices too! You really did well! And what an unbelievable story about the parcel! She is a wonderful designer, I remember seeing her stuff online. So sweet of her to send you presents!

Your folks look so adorable, and I am very happy to hear it was such a great visit. Here is to many more wonderful visits!!!

And yes, October is a very special month to us for many reasons too. :)

With love xxxxx

Nat said...

I can just see that you are in your absolute element at this time of the year! Glad that you have been having such a blast with your nephews and friends :-) Some great new goodies too! Here's hoping you do make it Vienna some day soon...

Beth Waltz said...

Now I'm really hungry for chicken and biscuits! And a hot apple crumble! I'd also like to find a black dress with a sheer inset top to pair with an animal print beret for just such dining-out occasions...

Aha? As I recall, Krista, you're a natural auburn red. So are you plotting a bi- or tri-color coiffeur? I just purchased a faux fringe and am having it dyed to match, with a few high-lights to brighten my Midwestern winter. Go faux!

The Style Crone said...

This post is filled with beauty, and you are at the center of all things colorful and meaningful. I'm looking forward to your new hair color!

Trees said...

What an amazing, generous and sweet designer! I hope you will share with us what you send her? I love all your fall and Halloween pics in this post - I really would love to visit the USA around October, maybe next time I visit? As it all looks incredible! I hope one day I can be the crazy auntie too - I'm pretty sure its going to happen :D