Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's too cold outside for angels to fly

I will be so happy tomorrow when the frigid temperatures move on outta here! The only good thing about the cold is the chance to wear my faux furs and build a cozy fire, maybe not at the same time.  I haven't ventured out much at all to take photos but I can still show you what I've been up too indoors where its nice and warm.  When I did venture out I found this.
Next month Cristi and I bring Kiss Me Kitty to Crafty Wonderland.  I decided to make some super blinged out kitty ears of my own inspired by a pair I bought last year from Crown and Glory.

My supplies were pretty basic.  I first covered the wire shaped ear with felt.
Then glued them to a head band and covered the back in glitter.

 Then I glued the gems to the front.

 not bad huh!
 I found these at the 99 cents store and thought it would be great to hand out a few to some of our KMK kids.
 I have been eating good stuff from the Waffle window.

 Wearing bright stuff!
and warm stuff
 trying big hair inspired by Vix, the famous woman whose gorgeous house will be featured in a MAGAZINE!!!!

 Rocking my Day of the Dead necklace from Shelley who just got back from a fabulous trip to NYC!
Ain't she gorgeous!
 And am now the new owner of what is quite possibly the best work boots ever.  Helga you need a pair for when you are driving the fork lift my dear!
 Ain't she hot!
I love it when things I wear remind me of people I adore!  
Ok this one is just offensive and sometimes I am just that:)  Sorry Mom.


Ivy Black said...

Fabulous post my darling! It's getting a bit chilly here too but you've warmed me right up with your colour and loveliness.
Love the cat ears. Brilliant idead and I do like your hair Vix'd up. Looks lush.
I could just eat that yummy plateful now.
Stay warm, gawjuss!

Nerd Burger said...

Love the kitty ears you made and blinged. They were so perfect for you. I've never seen such a big bag of glitter.

Vix said...

Those kitty ears are going to guarantee the crowds come a-flocking at Crafty Wonderland. The ones I've seen here are so mediocre and if you're gonna wear kitty ears then they have to be blinged up yo the max!!
Looking beautiful with big hair, crochet and colour. Love Shelley's pendant and those insane Cat boots! Sensible footwear never looked so good.
Hope that cold weather fecks right off. Its not much better here...grrr!
Love you! xxxxxxxx

mondoagogo said...

ZOMG those hot pink Cats! At least if the weather stays cold you have hot boots. And kitten ears too!

Curtise said...

Ha, that last photo made me laugh!
Loving the bling-tastic kitty ears (Taylor Swift could do with a pair), the bright knitwear, and the Big Hair a la Vix! The necklace from Shelley is awesome, and those boots are in your colours, how amazing! That photo of Helga is a classic, isn't it?
Stay warm, darling, keep wearing the faux furs and bright colours! xxx

The Style Crone said...

I absolutely love reading your posts. So fun, colorful and vibrant. Your beauty, talent, creativity and kindness come through loud and clear.

Beth Waltz said...

Those kitty ears are glorious! I'd like to order a set for my white long-hair tom, Peek Abu Peep, to wear for his next photo shoot. (His own are pale pink and lacking jewels...)

Knowing that Helga is in fact a licensed forklift operator, one hesitates to query her choice of working attire. However, your work boots do appear more, er, durable than hers. Perhaps it's a West Coast vs. NZ preference due to climate?

Beth Waltz said...


Krista, your ability to transform the mundane into the stuff of which dreams are made is a blessing! Why shouldn't Caterpillar boots be beautiful and bright? Thanks for warming up my evening with your energy!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Those are the best kitty ears ever(I would think that Ash would be jealous)! I wish I had even a smidgeon of your craftiness. Glad you like the necklace, and thank you so much for the shoutout - you are the sweetest!!

Fabulous caterpillar boots - they match my current hair ;) I wish I could visit you and Cristi at your booth and get a pair of cat ears!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Faboulous boots ! The kitty ears are adorable ... love your warm and comfy knits . Im also hiding away in faux fur and have the log fire going . Its cold - but no snow yet .
Love and hugs !

Melanie said...

Rabbits on your ears and caterpillars on your feet. The best! And the big hair, pendant from Shelley, and knitting every which way.
Call me twisted but the first thing I noticed about the first photo is that arrow thing on the back on the snail pointing at the dress. Hm. What is that?!

Tammy McGill said...

I love the big bun, so cute on you. Those kitty headbands are the best. Fiona and I got crafty making leg warmers. They came out pretty darn cute. I should make you a pair ;)

Natalia Lialina said...

You are one awesome kitty! Love your pink ears, and what a great idea to give away a cute fun present to your little customers, they will be so thrilled! That photo of you in the brightly colored sweater is amazing! And the boots are perfect, bringing the fantastic colors of your gorgeous hair down to your feet.

I am with you on cold weather. I was glad that it brought high and clear blue sky to us, but other than that... :) I love the cloudy blanket over Puget Sound, it's so cozy under it! Have a wonderful week, my dear! xxxxx

thorne garnet said...

Awesome! Damn, all my craft stuff is packed away. Were did I put my glue, glitter and headbands? I love that crochet corset/dress thingy you're wearing.

Suzanne said...

LOL that last photo really cracked me up.

Those ears turned out GREAT!

I'm pretty darn impressed with your up-do bun thingy. It looks so much better than my attempts.

Basically I've decided I'm hibernating for the next six months. It has felt like -18 all week. : (


Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Your top knot is too legit to quit! LLooooooovin your DIY kitty ears!!

Trees said...

Your posts are always filled with some many glorious happy things! If you're willing to sell your ADORABLE kitty ears - I'd be keen to buy a couple of pairs from you xoxo

pao said...

Oh my, so many yummy things all in one post. The best kitty ears evah. Those boots are too good to be true, you must've photoshopped them. And your Vixed hair bun is full of awesomeness. The knits are scrumptious too. Ah! the food, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. It should be too cold more often by the looks of it. I'm sure I missed something, please forgive, I can only take in so much goodness at a time...

freckleface said...

You know we were talking about you on our last bloggers out and saying how bloomin' gorgeous your hair is. So beautiful. I love your kitty ears, how clever, and isn't it fun doing a bit of crafting indoors when it's horrible outside? I love your cosy strapless dress and amazing rainbow wrist warmers. And a bonus picture of our Helga, it couldn't be any better. Xxxxxxxx

Helga said...

Kerist, how did I miss this post!
OMG YES, I need those boots for work! Feck ME they are amazing!!! Gonna show my boss.
LOVING the glittery kitty ears! Best thing in the UNIVERSE!!!

Zihan Amelia said...

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