Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your attitude determines your altitude!

I'm happy to report the house sale is complete, I didn't want to jinx it by thinking it was done until it really was.  I thought the occasion called for yellow.  I rarely wear yellow and only own a few dresses  in this color but this gauzy cotton is perfect for the heat we are still having.
Yup it was 90 at 6pm, but in a month it will be raining so I am trying to enjoy every last bit sunshine.
Part of enjoying the weather is to get some chores done outside.  I just power washed the old paint and mold off this so I can paint it white.
I also want to add some hand painted flowers, inspired by this recent thrift score when I'm done.  It's made in Germany.
I am trying to wear all my dresses that will be soon be packed up for the season.
My Indian bag is from Vix:)
She's got such great taste.
My sis gave me the spiked bracelet so it will always remind me of her visit.
I prefer silver but I can dig a lil gold.
I always get excited about movies this time of year since Halloween always bring about some I want to see.  This is top on my list.  

The art is Mexican so color, pattern and textures abound!

 I could live in this film.
It's a three day weekend, four day for me and I am looking forward to a few things that make my summer memorable.  First is listening to and watching the bats fly around my house at dusk. It is spectacular and they come every year about this time. I also plan on barbecuing starting tonight with top sirloin and corn on the cob!
You guys have to try these delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.  I used multigrain bread with white cheddar cheese and layers of any apple of your choice sliced thin.  My new favorite fast food.

Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Our roots say we're sisters our hearts say we're friends!

I'm at a loss for words, not because I'm bummed out or confused but because sometimes its hard to find the right combination to convey the magnitude of my feelings.  My sister arrived last week and we had a few wonderful days together sorting through our Dads stuff and saying goodbye. It was as difficult as it was liberating and by the end of our time together I felt closer to my baby sister.   
 We kept laughing at our noses, we got them from Dad.
 I was so happy for these two to finally meet and just like I thought they got on like a house on fire!
 We headed over to the spot after a bit of coffee of course.  If you ever find yourself here, be sure to say hi to Dad.
 There was silliness along the way because that is how you get through pain.
 and my sister was trying to impress her boys with a shot of Mommy on a tree:)  This was as far as she got :)
 It was pretty early like 9:30 so we had the place to ourselves.
My sister wrote the most beautiful eulogy. She amazes me with her capacity to love and forgive.

 After I read mine all three of us held hands and I leaned over the edge of the cliff and set Dad free.  It was the strangest feeling ever.  I cried fast and hard as I poured his life from a brown paper bag and then he was gone and so were my tears.
I think we all got a bit of him in our hair, again folks humor was everywhere and our Dad would have liked that.
We headed down to the beach below.
 And had a little run Bay Watch style.

 Cristi rocking her KMK mermaids!
 We had the most delicious lunch at this tiny cafe afterwards.  White cheddar grilled cheese and apple sandwich, scrumptious!  I made it last night, delicious and easy!
The following day my sister and I just hung out.  She went to Farmers Market with me.
 and drooled at our produce selection.
 Such variety.
 The best thing our Dad ever gave us was each other
 and a mutual appreciation of good ass grub!
There are over 1000 miles between us, but I have never felt closer to her.
Just look at her, that's my sister Tracy and I love her so very much!

We are still waiting for Dads house to close, once that is done I will put this year of sickness and loss behind me and move on.  Dealing with the death of my Dad has made me a stronger person with an even greater capacity to love.  In the end, it's not our stuff that matters but the relationships we develop and tend too.  I want a colorful and thriving garden full of love, now and forever!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You can't fake chemistry

I have been trying to stay off the computer after work these days, there is just way too much ugly in the news.  Journalists getting decapitated by ISIS and people rioting in Missouri under the threat of the national guard, why is there so much anger and injustice in our world?  It's enough to make me want to start my very own new world, one in which we all respect our rights to be different.

Enough of all that, I am still waiting for my Dad's house to close hopefully by Friday.  My sister arrives tomorrow and we begin our send off to Dad.  Of course Cristi is going with us and it will be the first time they meet and I am so excited about that.
 A quick outfit post from last week.

 A peek at one of Cristi's cats and her neighbors chicken.
 Her gorgeous dress from the back.
 and front.
 We thought this was all kinds of hilarious.

Such a cute MG!
 I learned how to do this to my hair.
 And I realized that at 43 I can still show my tummy.
 Just a little
 I found both of these on clearance at Marshall's for less than $5 each.
I like new clothes at used prices:)

I also wanted to say what a TURD I find bloglovin to be!  I'm sure you all know this but the fact that you cannot click on other users who leave comments and go to their blog is RIDICULOUS!  I also find that half the time I can't leave comments on it, if I go straight to your blog I have no problems but through bloglovin its all kinds of CRAP!  I am in the process of begging Chris to write a new program that doesn't suck so we can all use it.  PLUS.....I am kinda sick of seeing who BLOGLOVIN is telling me is popular, they are blogs that would never interest me and they all look the SAME!

I blog as a way to share my life with others and hear about theirs in return.  It's a place to exchange ideas and inspire each other.  I want to make real connections here. One more thing, what is the best way to add your email address to your blog, it seems there is no way to directly email anyone anymore unless you already have their email address.  Sorry to sound so scattered but hey it happens!

Enjoy the rest of the week darlings!